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1. Value

Our established relationships with manufacturers coupled with our high sales volume give us the ability to negotiate the best possible prices, which we then pass along to our customers. We deal DIRECT … AND IN VERY LARGE QUANTITIES, MAKING US LOWER THAN THE LOCAL CLUBS

2. Huge Selection

We carry a wide range of products including candy, chocolates, nuts, snacks, gum, novelties, candy bars , chips , pound cake , croissants , bread ,beverages, and more. 


3. Outstanding Customer Service

There’s no shortage of ways to get in touch with us! We have a dedicated team of associates available to assist you over the phone at (516) 586-8006 , customer support live chat Monday - Friday 8AM to 4PM (EST), Saturday from 8-1 and we will quickly respond to all emails sent to HARDSCRABBLEINC@AOL.COM. We take pride in establishing strong relationships and offering personalized service to our buyers. Even the owner answers the phone.


4. Convenience

You’re busy and we understand that. With Hardscrabble Wholesale, you can be in & out in no time at all . You are our number # 1 priority  .  


5. We Understand Your Business

Hardscrabble Wholesale has been in business for over 30 years and nobody knows the candy and snack industry better than we do! our CEO has been in the business for over 30 years and knows the business and will even help you with free  consultations if you ask!

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